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My research activities concern internal waves dynamics, both in the ocean and in the lab :
- Physical oceanography. I participate to research cruises in order to observe internal waves in the ocean. In these cruises, I focus on small scale processes associated to internal waves dynamics, as well as long term variability and statistics of the internal wave field.
- Laboratory experiments. Understanding in the lab what we observe in the ocean is the focus of this work. I work on stratified and rotating flows, and try to reproduce internal wave interaction processes. Internal waves reflection have been my first topic of interest, from my PhD to more recent experiments.

Instruments and methods have been develloped in collaboration with other colleagues from LEGI and other institutes in order to realize these projects. In the ocean, I use the High Sampling rate Thermistors from the NIOZ for which I have developped a Matlab Toolbox. In the lab, I developped an innovative internal wave generator susceptible of creating any shape of internal wave.

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